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Are you a sign language interpreter wondering if there is a way to reduce the stress and pain from work? 

Hi, I'm Jen and I want to share with you what has helped me in my almost 30-year career as an interpreter.

Ditch the Stress and Pain of Interpreting in 90 Days

the ONLY program designed just for sign language interpreters


This program unites the wisdom of a time-honored method with first-hand knowledge of what an interpreter needs to feel great in body and to have peace of mind.


This transformational program is where you will learn a routine to feel empowered, recharged, and able to sustain a long-lasting career.

An online program with personalized guidance and live instruction to guarantee your transformation.

A quick look at how this program helps interpreters:

Let me guess -

✘ Your shoulders are tense and tight a lot of the time

✘ You want to be able to relax 

✘ You want to sleep better and have more energy

✘You want to be more consistent and motivated


Stressed Man

Did you know...

87.5% of interpreters suffer from repetitive injury
Prevalence of Occupational Symptoms in Sign Language Interpreters
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Conference Call with Sign Language

You're here because you don't want to be one of the statistics, you want a solution!

  • You want to make a commitment to your health and you aren't sure where to start.

  • You're ready to integrate a healthy routine for your body.

  • You're tired of trying to go this alone and ready to work with someone who understands you and can support you 100%.

Wrist and hand pain gone with just a few simple exercises

I did the shoulder video today. It was so incredibly helpful. I can’t tell you how much my wrist and hand have been hurting and I saw a noticeable difference just doing the wall exercises in that video. - Jen Mantle

Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 6.55.01 PM.png

A simple yoga strap makes the shoulders feel great

Jen, I loved this class! I especially liked the use of the strap. My shoulders feel fabulous!!!! Thank you!...the entire setup helped strengthen my shoulders & open up my chest. I’m excited my shoulders feel great!


Clouds in Sky

Just imagine...

Pain doesn't keep you up at night or interfere in your life or work


You know exactly what to do to reduce the stress and tension from work and can manage your stress level with easy practices


You know exactly the activities that are helpful and how to make the changes for a positive impact on your mind and body


You are no longer alone and have the support of a specialist and a whole community of interpreters


You feel energized, confident and secure


You have a routine you do regularly - effortlessly


You wake up refreshed and ready for work

I'm gonna bet...

Stressed Woman

You spend a lot of your time thinking of others. 

Your calendar is filled up with taking care of others. 

You are craving more time for yourself but feel like it's close to impossible. 

You feel a little guilty when you take time for yourself.

Isn't it about time to focus on your own health and well-being?

  • You know you can't just say you want a routine and it happens, you need support.


  • You know that if you don't do something now, you might not be able to continue doing what you love.

  • Creating new habits doesn't happen overnight, thinking you can do it all on your own is nuts!  


  • You want a sustainable career that satisfies your heart and mind and doesn't leave you in pain.

  • It's time to ditch those habits that don't serve you and get the proper help to guide you to where you want to be.


Holding the body in the present moment

What I love about Jen’s classes is the micro instruction; that even standing seems to be a workout because she is reminding us to mindfully hold our entire body in the present moment. -- Rebecca Rick