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Are you a sign language interpreter wondering if there is a way to reduce the stress and pain from work? 

Yes, there is. Here is what has helped me in my almost 30-year career as an interpreter.

Ditch The Stress And Pain of Interpreting in 90 days

the only program designed just for sign language interpreters


This program unites the wisdom of a time-honored method with first-hand knowledge of what an interpreter needs to feel great in your body and have peace of mind.


This transformational program is where you will learn a routine to feel empowered, recharged, and able to sustain a long-lasting career.

A hi-touch program with personalized guidance and live instruction to guarantee your transformation

Quick look how this program helps interpeters

Let me guess...

Your shoulders are tense and tight a lot of the time

✘ You want to destress so you can enjoy working more

✘ You want to sleep better and have more energy.

✘You want to be more consistent and motivated.


Stressed Man

Did you know...?

87.5% of interpreters suffer from repetitive injury
Prevalence of occupational symptoms in sign language interpreters
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Video Call with Sign Language

You are here because you don't want to be a statistic, you want a solution

  • You want to make a commitment to your health and you aren't sure where to start.

  • You are ready to integrate a healthy routine for your body.

  • You are tired of trying to go at this alone and are ready to work with someone who understands you and can support you 100%.

Wrist and hand pain gone with just a few simple exercises

I did the shoulder video today. It was so incredibly helpful. I can’t tell you how much my wrist and hand have been hurting and I saw a noticeable difference just doing the wall exercises in that video. - Jen Mantle

Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 6.55.01 PM.png

 A simple yoga strap makes the shoulders feel great 

Jen, I loved this class! I especially liked the use of the strap. My shoulders feel fabulous!!!! Thank you!...the entire setup helped strengthen my shoulders & open up my chest. I’m excited my shoulders feel great!


Clouds in Sky

Just imagine...

Pain doesn't keep you up at night or interfere in your life or work.


You know exactly what to do to reduce the stress and tension from work and can manage your stress level with easy practices.


You know exactly the activities that are helpful and how to make the changes for a positive impact on your mind and body.


You are no longer alone and have the support of a specialist and a whole community of interpreters.


You feel energized, confident and secure.


You have a routine you do regularly - effortlessly.


You wake up refreshed and ready for work

I'm gonna to bet...

Stressed Woman

You spend a lot of your time thinking of others. 

Your calendar is filled up with taking care of others. 

You are craving more time for yourself and think it's close to impossible. 

You feel a little guilty when you take time for yourself? 

Isn't it about time to focus on your own health and well-being?

  • You know you can't just say you want a routine and it happens, you need support


  • You know that if you don't do something now you might not be able to continue doing what you love.

  • Creating new habits doesn't happen overnight and thinking you can do it all on your own is nuts.  


  • You want a sustainable career that satisfies your heart and mind and doesn't leave you in pain.

  • It's time to ditch those habits that don't serve you and get the proper help to guide you where you want to be.


Holding the body in the present moment

What I love about Jen’s classes is the micro instruction; that even standing seems to be a workout because she is reminding us to mindfully hold our entire body in the present moment. -- Rebecca Rick


How would you feel after 90 days committed to your health?



As an Interpreter consistent daily habits of self-care is the only way to prevent occupational injury or burnout. Research proves this!


For one example, in a research study on Carpal Tunnel Study Results showed that the Yoga group significantly improved grip strength (p=0.009) and pain reduction (p=0.02 improved)

Yoga is a proven solution for muscle-skeletal issues, conditions that affect the nervous system and organs and a remedy for modern-day stress.


If you are in pain and feeling overwhelmed and you have put in hours of improving your skills but now you want to take care of your own body, you found the place.


Here, you will find like-minded interpreters who want to fill your own tank so you have more to give. 

Every week, you will get direct guidance from Jen.


You will feel stronger, more resilient, flexible, aware and empowered. 

You won't be on your own and left to figure it out

  • In this course, you will get expert support for your unique needs and a circle of like-minded interpreters to keep you on track.

  • When you learn step-by-step, like you would a language, you progressively build skills, strength, and flexibility, gain confidence and restore your nervous system. 

  • You are guided by an instructor who is trained to know how to teach all conditions and understands you.

  • Learn the 4 part method to build strength, flexibility, increase range of motion and restore your nervous system.

  • You will have a daily routine.


This program is for you if...

Happy Woman

✘ You are done chasing your tail and feeling miserable 

✘ You want to uncover and change what is not helping you 

✘ You want to implement daily habits and stick to them.

✘ You don't want to put it off anymore and want support.   

✘ You are committed to yourself.

What you will learn

Module One - Establish a Practice

Create a schedule that works for you, set up your space and learn the foundations of a yoga practice

Module Two - Adapt and Epower

Learn the tools and techniques  to adapt for your personal needs whether that is a physical or emotional need

Module Three - Integrate and Relax

Learn techniques to restore your nervous system, how to relax and leg go completely and integrate daily habits from the widsom of Ayurveda for to improve your overall well-being for your current and future self. 

Everything that is included in the program
(basically, you get it all!)

Exclusive 3 Module Program 

Easy-to-follow, instructive and curated videos (15min, 30min, 1 hour) in the course portal including all content and replays from live sessions.  Learn a foundational practice, adapt to your personal needs, integrate healthy habits that reduce stress and ensure well-being

HI-touch program-Live classes and coaching

Live classes on zoom which are recorded and archived, including past classes.  You get personal instruction and guidance during each live class as well as coaching sessions to keep you on track. And you get access to my weekly live membership classes!

Lifetime Access

You get access to all courses for life. Yes, for life! This program is designed to support you for years to come.  It includes a robust library of lessons that serve  you now and your future self.  

Expert Guidance and Private Community

You get hi-touch support from Jen, who knows your pain  and how to support you. Also you get access to a robust private facebook community of like-minded interpreters to help you stay accountable.

4.2 CEUS (General Studies) 

Interpretek Logo 2clr.jpg

🌟 Lots of great bonuses 🌟

As the course develops more bonuses will be added.

  • Full access to the course "Feel Better in Your Body" - 

  • Full access to the course "The Foundations"  

  • Full access to "Stiff Neck, Tight Shoulders- 30 Days to Relieve all that Interpreter Tension" 

  • Guided meditation and relaxation - audio

  • How to get better sleep - presentation and asana class

  • Done -for- you calendar- PDF

  • Emotional Stability -  video asana practice


and more!

What is yoga and what should it be? 


Until I started attending Jen's yoga classes I never really understood what yoga was. All my life I have gone off and on to yoga classes only to leave frustrated and feeling "inadequate" and oftentimes feeling blah. After attending Jen's Iyengar classes I now have a passion, appreciation and understanding of what yoga is and should be!

Marsha Ramsey


Some truth bombs

Not all methods of yoga aren't that helpful for us.

How do I know that?

I tore my rotator cuff trying to keep up in class.

Ouch. I couldn't work for a while.

And there is research 


Yoga, if expertly modified for the person's injury, can be enormously helpful for people with RSI; however, the wrong âsana practice can make matters significantly worse.  Yoga for People with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Deborah QuilterInt J Yoga Therap (2007) 17 (1): 89–94.


I finally found a method of yoga that broke it all down into pieces like you would learn a language and made me feel grounded and strong.  (and it didn't bore me)

Progressively, I learned, got stronger, more flexible, and found greater peace of mind...all without injury!

As a matter of fact, I've learned to use my practice to heal injuries. I'm always amazed at how holistic, integrated movement is healing. And then I dedicated myself to sharing this with others.


All of this has helped me work as an interpreter for almost 30 years! But I was keeping it to myself (greedy!) until the pandemic made me pivot and realize I had so much to share with YOU! (thank you COVID?)

I know what we, interpreters need and how to adapt. Interpreters might need to learn at a different pace or way but all the actions and postures of yoga are so healing and helpful for us! After more than 20 years of studying yoga,  I know how what and when to teach interpreters.


I know you can feel different! 

This is where you get to read all about me and why I want all interpreters to FEEL good (and change the interpreting world!)

 I help interpreters, like you, get out of pain, feel better and establish a long-lasting career. 


Interpreting is a job we all love, but let's be honest it is hard on the body and especially now that we are doing more on video. And the reality is no one talks about the effects on the body!  How can we have a sustainable career if we don't have the techniques and tools to address the accumulated stress, burnout, or compassion fatigue? In fact, taking care of yourself can be a radical act!

Are you ready to be radical with me? 

Why me? Because I have been interpreting for close to 30 years and have integrated a yoga practice that has empowered me to know how to help myself get out of pain and release the stress from building up in my body and in my mind.  I've done it all, tried it all, got injured so. you don't have to! This time-honored method of yoga is perfectly suited to address the unique needs that interpreters have.  


Not all yoga classes are good for our shoulders and wrists. I know because I've tried it all and I've suffered so you don't have to.


I also understand how hard it is to keep to a routine without support. And I have found a way I want to share with you

 Ditch the Stress and Pain of interpreting spotlights your physical needs,  your mental health and gets you into an easy routine.  I also believe it's time we have a space that focuses on interpreter preventative help and overall well-being.


I'm a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher CIYT Level 3 and a Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, with 1000's of hours studying and teaching.  Ayurveda Therapist Level 1 from Ayushkama Ayurveda Institute, Vedic Counseling with Dr. Frawley, and cranial sacral therapy. 

That is Shanti in the photo and she welcomes you "Woof!"

jen and shanti Ri.jpeg

Don't take my word for it, hear what interpreters are saying

Jennifer hated any kind of exercise but knew she had to start something. Now, she looks for times to do her practice which is no longer a chore but an essential part of her healthcare. 

Brenda wanted tools to help her with the tension from interpreting and she hoped that maybe she could, one day, get back to running. 

instagram testimonials (3).png
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 How to Apply 

I'm thrilled that you are interested in learning practice and taking care of yourself! YAY!

I want to make sure that each interpreter who joins will achieve all their goals. I want to create an intimate and supportive community. Therefore, applications will be reviewed and if selected, a short meet and great call will be scheduled where we can both discuss if this is the right fit for you.

Lifetime access to the program is an investment of $997 (discount until Feb 23) 


Apply Now

Do you have questions?

Examples of asana videos