What if there was a course that takes you through step-by-step, progressively learning so that you feel confident, secure, connected and peaceful?

A course that helps you FEEL BETTER in your body quickly? 

6 Week Yoga Kickstart

The Essentials for the Yoga Student

Choice of 2 classes per week - evening and morning. Plus recording.

6 week Iyengar Yoga Course $108

This course is for you if


  • You want to learn yoga
  • Maybe you tried and it didn't click
  • Maybe think "it's not for me."
  • Almost gave up but want to find the right class 
  • You love yoga and want to know more.
  • You've tried many styles but feel something is missing.
  • Want to learn the why and thoe how behind the asana practice. 

Some of what you will learn

🕉 Build strength AND flexiblity with sequences of both movement and stability. 

🕉 Fully absorb and calm your mind.

🕉 Learn the physical and mental benefits of the poses

🕉 Learn how to use items in your own home as props

🕉 Progressive learning in a fun, dynamic, thoughtful, instructive presentation.

Join me! It's 6 weeks and you've got only everything to gain.

I love this practice and want share it with you

My classes are challenging, fun, educational, creative, dynamic, precise AND I've even been known to crack a joke while teaching this serious subject I'm so passionate about.

- Jen Certified Iyengar Yoga Jr 3 and Certified Yoga Therapist


"Jen is an amazing teacher! ...... Her fresh and humorous way of explaining poses has often given me sudden insight into asanas that I first started doing 20 years ago" Karen Fein


What is unique about this course

  • Weekly Live class with live instruction. You can participate live or watch the recording.

  • During class, Jen observes and provides direct, live instruction to help the class and individual students. 

  • Instruction is progressive and builds from class to class. 

  • Clear demonstrations of the poses and instructions.

  • Classes are both lively and vigourous as well as focused and steady.

What you need for this course

  • A passion to learn
  • You can use Zoom have some basic technical abilites.
  • A screen you can see from your mat
  • Basic props or items at home that can be used as props.
  • The ability to practice at least 1 time a week in addition to class. 

Iyengar Yoga Kickstart


6 weeks

  • 6 Weekly Kickstart Classes + Access to weekly beginning class (12 classes in total!)
  • Class recordings available if you can't make the live class
  • Live access to teacher for instruction and questions
  • Classes start 1st week of June. Choice of classes to attend- Wednesday 5pmCST, Thursday 10amCST
  • Min 5, Max 25
Kickstart Your Yoga


Choosing a teacher is important. It's a big decision. Knowing if this is right for you is super important. 

Schedule a call. I'm happy to talk with you!

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This course isn't a good fit if

  • You want something to follow but no instruction.
  • You don't have Zoom, stable internet or a screen bigger than your phone.
  • You are in severe pain and have not gone to a doctor.