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Each asana is the manifestation of your mental being

May 05, 2021

Words paraphrased from Abhijata Iyengar.

Use the body to access the mind. "Each asana is a manifestation of your mental being." BKS Iyengar

If your mind is dull, sleepy, lazy, negative,  restless then quick movement can bring freshness,

If the mind is confused, depressed then one needs to open the sternum so   positivity can come. 

If the mind is anxious when the head is supported in a certain way it brings a restrained, quiet mind. 

Here is your do-work. After each asana or sequence of asanas below, observe your mind. Like an artist, you can change the color of your mind.

Do Urdvha Hastasanana to Uttanasana quickly, Throw the arms through the legs (back issues, menstruation, HBP do not do). You can widen the legs 4 feet (who knows the name of that pose?)

Adho Mukha Svasana. Put bricks under the forearms to stop them from pressing to the floor. With this obstacle, move the chest through and toward the legs to open the sternum.

Do a series of any backbend or a backbend supported on a chair for 3-5 minutes. 

Do Adho Mukha Svasana with your index finger and thumb at a wall. Place a blanket down on the floor, between the hands so that you can press the forehead on the blanket,  not your nose.  Make sure the blanket is not too thick or too thin. Stay for a minute or two.

Do you feel the activity of the mind calm down? This is citta vritti nirodha. 


We do not know what problems we have, and we don't know how they affect us or how we  will react. Our practice teaches those skills.  In practice, we are constanctly acting and then reflecting.  Abhijata said we can not  act and reflect at the same time.  But as a yoga practioner the lag time between the two lessens. and a yogi, in the true meaning of this word, can act and reflect at the same time. Then life notes do not finish this thought but imagine....peaceful, undisturbed, tranquil. 

When you are in a twisting pose can you identify the part that is thick and doesn't want to move?

She said, through asana, you learn the limitations of the mind and learn the behavior of the mind.  Without knowing the behavior of the mind it's difficult to regulate the mind.

I was thinking and laughing to myself, it sure seems easier to try and know the behavior of someone else's mind than it is my own.😂 😂

When you practice, think of this, each asana is a reflection, a manifestation of your mental being.



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