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heartbreaking iyengar yoga misinterpretation yoga podcast Dec 08, 2020

Jennie and I were listening to a yoga podcast and this woman was talking about taking Iyengar yoga for 8 years and called it tedious. We both sighed. We totally understand why this adjective is used but it's just heartbreaking to hear it. It's such a misunderstanding and misinterpretation. What I found tedious was the interviewer and it made me want to get my own podcast dream made into a reality. I should record my roomates' conversations!


Ok so where does this idea that Iyengar yoga is tedious and boring come from? Today Geeta Iyengar taught class. She started out a bit cranky and I thought it would go south but soon enough she was cracking jokes. If I imagine my jewish grandmother at the head of the table, I get the humor. Nothing is good enough, your pants need to be ironed, why do you give me flowers because they are just going to die.


In class, we rolled, we see-sawed in forward bends, we did padmasana and then let go and did it again. We went up into head balance and then one leg down, touch the floor, walk over and up you go. We went to Halasana and pumped the buttocks to the heels and then Karnipidasana and again pressed the shins to the floor. Up and down, Setu Bandha and then Eka padasana going back and forth like a seesaw. Movement, touch and go. Who said we only hold poses for hours or focus on all the minutiae?


In practice, we decided arm balances are our focus for the month. Whoo hoo! I'm excited because I have some fear of the unknown in my lower back and all these poses are like a massage on that area.


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