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Are you ready to relieve pain and stress and have a practice for your body?

Congratulations on setting yourself as a priority!


Private sessions are designed for your needs and your pacing. They are recommended for students needing a therapeutic approach or whose schedule or learning style is more conducive to individualized instruction adn pacing.   


🕉 90 days to Ditch the Pain and Stress of Interpreting 1:1 program will help you establish a routine appropriate for your needs, empower you to adjust for your body and help you integrate healthy habits that reduce and prevent stress and tension from interpreting work. This program is the first of its kind developed by a sign language interpreter who understands what you need.  

  • Access to the full program

  • Bi-weekly private individualized sessions designed for your needs

🕉 1:1 Monthly Sessions 

  • Weekly private sessions designed for your needs

  • Regular check-in for questions or accountability

  • Month-to-month or 3-month programs.   


Hi I'm Jen

You have found the perfect place if you want to invest in yourself and develop a practice to relieve or prevent the stress and tension of interpreting. We are all unique and have different bodies, issues, and experiences.


As a private instructor, I meet you exactly where you are and help you learn and progress at your pace. 


A little background I have been an interpreter for over 25 years and teaching yoga and yoga therapy for more than 20. I am RID certified and have a level 3 in Iyengar yoga and am internationally certified as a yoga therapist. I brought these together to help my fellow interpreters have less pain and less stress. I am also completing an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Certificate. 

Being an interpreter and a highly trained yoga instructor for more than two decades will help me tailor the perfect practice for whatever age, condition, or lifestyle. 


I'm thrilled to share my knowledge with my fellow interpreters so don't hesitate to connect with me.

Who is this for?

All levels of students from beginners to seasoned practitioners.

Therapeutic yoga

Asana, pranayama, meditation, and healthy lifestyle habits can all be included in your private lesson. The beauty of 1:1 is that your sessions are tailored to you.

Sessions can be recorded for repeated use during the week.


In the convenience of your home on zoom.

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Omg! That was such a good class today! I relaxed so hard in Savasana it felt like a total rebirth afterward. That warrior 1 with the heel up on the wall got so deep...This is what I love about Iyengar yoga. How many Warrior 1 have I done but putting my heel up on the wall!  Got to an area I can't quite get into before- Amy T