Academy of courses for Sign Language Interpreters 

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Improve Your Posture - Recorded workshop

Yoga Pose

Feel Better in Your Body

3 part video series for your Shoulders, Hips and Back

Yoga with Props

Therapuetic Yoga Groups

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 Women's Health

Wisdom from Yoga and Ayurveda -presentation and yoga

Wall Clock

15 minute Routine for Interpreters - Recorded workshop

Successful Girl

90 Days to Ditch the Stress and Pain of Interpreting

 Immersion Program  + CEUS

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Old Dog New Tricks recorded workshop of innovative ways to do dog pose without pain

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Foundations of Yoga -

6 week Video Series



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Have Less Pain at Work 

Implement daily practices to significantly reduce pain and stress

Takeaways from workshops

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More Takeaways from interpreters​

  • Everything is connected

  • I learned that the arch of my left foot collapses more inward, and how important it is to open your hips!

  • The importance of shoulder flexibility and ways to improve shoulder flexibility

  • Learning that I don’t have to be in pain all the time and that I’m capable of kind body connection!

  • Awareness of your body

  • Breathe, be in the moment and feel the pose but don't overdo it since some poses aren't the best for interpreters or basic yoga users.

  • It reaffirms that slacking on my usually-daily restorative yoga practice and stretching affects me a lot more than I like to think.

  • It's very beneficial to include at least a few stretches into my routine daily. Opening the chest feels great after working at a desk all day.