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15 minute Routine for SL Interpreters

.15 CEUS


On a Video Call

90 Days to Ditch the Pain and Stress of Interpreting

2.4 CEUS


Old Dog New Tricks

Learn how to do dog pose without pain in the wrist.

Innovative use of props will improve your pose


Old dog new tricks.jpg

Improve Your Posture




Feel Better in Your Body

Back-Shoulders-Hip 3 part series


Image by Ryan Moreno

No More Monthly Madness

The practice all women need to know


supta baddha konasana.jpeg

The Foundations

6 week video course + 3

livestream/recorded classes

.9 CEUs



Self-Care as a Way of Life

 Brea Cross-Caldwell of Burnout Proof Academy for Sign Language Interpreters

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