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Academy for Sign Language Interpreters 

Many courses are self-paced and not all are appropriate for everyone. Please get your doctor's approval and if you are in acute or chronic pain, Click here to set up a free 30 minute consult and we will discuss which course or program will be best for you to reach your goals. 


Courses with captions, contact jen directly.  


Improve Your Posture 

Key poses and movements to relieve pain

1.5 hour workshop

Yoga Pose

Feel Better in Your Body

3 part video series for your Shoulders, Hips and Back

Click here for a Sample class

Yoga with Props

Therapuetic Yoga Groups

For interpreters with chonic or acute conditions that will benefit from customized programs

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 Women's Health

Wisdom from Yoga and Ayurveda

Workshop presentation and Asana practice 

Wall Clock

15 minute Routine for Interpreters 

A routine you can do at work

1.5 hour workshop

Successful Girl

 Ditch the Stress and Pain of Interpreting

Signature  Immersion Program. Click below for full description

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Old Dog New Tricks recorded workshop of innovative ways to do dog pose without pain

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Foundations of Yoga

6 -week course to establish a yoga practice. Click below for full program description and trailer.



1:1 sessons with customized progras for your needs and schedule.

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Have Less Pain at Work 

A 1 hour webniar to Implement daily practices to significantly reduce pain and stress from interpreting

Takeaways from workshops

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More Takeaways from interpreters​

  • Everything is connected

  • I learned that the arch of my left foot collapses more inward, and how important it is to open your hips!

  • The importance of shoulder flexibility and ways to improve shoulder flexibility

  • Learning that I don’t have to be in pain all the time and that I’m capable of kind body connection!

  • Awareness of your body

  • Breathe, be in the moment and feel the pose but don't overdo it since some poses aren't the best for interpreters or basic yoga users.

  • It reaffirms that slacking on my usually-daily restorative yoga practice and stretching affects me a lot more than I like to think.

  • It's very beneficial to include at least a few stretches into my routine daily. Opening the chest feels great after working at a desk all day.

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