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Skyrim Adoring Fan Mod

Remember the adoring fan who hopelessly craves your undivided love and attention after reigning champion in the arena? Players have had quite a blast over the years leaving him in the middle of the ocean or kicking him off of the highest peak in the game, but nothing compares to unleashing hell on him with a sausage. Honestly, this might make him like you even more.

Skyrim Adoring Fan Mod

The Free Pony spell summons a pony for your target of choice. The pony, however, spawns high above the target's head. Another favorite is the Gnomize spell that, once summoned, reduces the target to half its normal size for three minutes. Conversely, the Gigantism spell transforms the target to twice its normal size for three minutes. Oh, and who could forget Failed Levitate? You know, the one where the target teleports 1500 units above the ground. A perfect combination of spells to use upon the adoring fan!

At anytime during your travels, you will be able to prime Douglas on what he's thinking at the time, along asking him to tell you a fun fact about TES. These could range from lore, to skyrim mechanics, to even the creation of the series. When relaxed though, you can go a bit deeper into the lore than just facts, and when relaxing at an Inn or player owned home, you can ask Douglas to explain a more complicated concept in the TES universe. Topics include the creation of Mundus, the debate on Talos' divinity, Tamerialic politics, an entire timeline of the whole series, and much more! Explained in easy to understand and funny ways, now even YOU can be a lore expert!

So I was wonder what your gonna do once Your done with the mod, as in bug fixes, releasing, and then playing. What are you going to do next as a team? I mean this as are you all going to go Your separate ways or do you all have a collective plan like helping another large scale modding team skywind, beyond skyrim, or something like fallout 4 new Vegas. Or are you going to implement the addons like the shivering isles or knight of the nine?

I was searching some info about spell system and I found out that skyblivion is going to use skyrim's spell system but that left me thinking, what about the shouts? I mean there is dedicated button for those but oblivion doesn't have shouts. I didn't find anything myself. And is skyblivion compatable with other mods? I was thinking of using this mod to make it more like oblivion's spell casting system.

While these may be taking the structure or identifiers of 'Oblivion' and using them for comedic effect, it's a very funny game - and not just in unintentional moments either. The adoring fan of the Grand Champion is far too silly to ignore. There's a poorly scrawled note from a literal troll who decides to throw themselves off a bridge. When you travel to the Shivering Isles, you encounter an Argonian thief called Runs-In-Circles who constantly says 'Ni!'. There's even a character - M'aiq The Liar - who was essentially spouting the developer's gripes about making the game, such as the difficulties of trying to make levitation work in the game (it never made it in), as well as crossbows (eventually made it into 'Skyrim').

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