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Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 [CRACKED]

It's not just that it starts with a two-minute recap of everything important from last episode, or the fact that this episode has Takemichi's friends literally sit him down to explain the hierarchy of his own gang. Though those are rather egregious. It's also in the way so much dead air sits between a lot of lines, or how Takemichi reiterates flashbacks to scenes we've already flashed back to at least twice in the past weeks, or how the camera will linger on one action for just a bit longer than necessary. None of these are glaring issues on their own, but they add up to an episode that only feels like 10 minutes story actually happened.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15

That's just not enough to fill out a whole episode, though, and I'm very much hoping this episode is a single casualty to deliver the rest of this tragic backstory in one go. Because if this is the pace to expect from the rest of this arc, we're in for a rougher time than even our protagonist.

Baji has parted ways with the Toman gang, leaving Mikey shocked. However, Takemichi has a proposal for Mikey. In "Tokyo Revengers" Episode 15, Takemichi is set to meet the sixth founding member of the Toman gang. The new episode is titled "No Pain, No Gain."

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a movie and not an episode-based anime. Time traveler fans will love it though. The premise is in the name as it sees the female heroine, Makoto, slowly discovering her ability to time travel.

Last week's episode of Tokyo Revengers had Kisaki carving out space in Toman as the new 3rd Division Captain -- much to everyone's displeasure. Strategically, letting Kisaki join Toman makes sense since adding his numbers means that Toman will have 150 members up against Valhalla's 300. But Takemichi knows that Kisaki will be Toman's eventual downfall. The only way he can stop him is if he convinces Mikey's best friend to come back to Toman. Amid all that, the identity and whereabouts of the gang's mysterious sixth man are revealed. 041b061a72

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