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Buy Asa 5505

There is a lot of, and I can only call it igmorance or scare mongering about the 5505 and it's status. It is not EOL or support. Ideally I would suggest you bring yourrself up to 9.x but that may mean you require more RAM as well.

buy asa 5505

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Sorry for the confusion on EOL. You are correct, I was actually looking at AIP SSC card for the 5505 that is end of life. As Robert mentioned above, you can probably find a used version cheap or if you are looking to upgrade the new firewalls are around 700 US dollars.

Hi Steve, Thanks for for tagging me in Brian. The Cisco ASA 5505 has an EOL announcement although the software release and support still would continue until a certain time The last date for service contract renewal would be April 2017 and the signature release would be march 2016. meaning the actual support would cease or upgrades to its last software release would be till April 2018.

Actually that is the EOL announcement and information for the Advanced Inspection and Prevention Security Services Card (AIP SSC) for the ASA 5505. Ferdinand can you clear this up once and for all by posting the correct EOL announcement or determining that it is in fact not yet EOL? Thanks.

Agreed on all parts - I just bought a new 5505 so that I could have a spare (SmartNet is great, but the router is one of my only single points of failure... Even an hour down time is too long for something predictable...)

I guess we can't blame anyone else for being confused about this either, Cisco's information on the AIP SSC being discontinued managed to confuse their own employee :) I bet a lot of folks that would have purchased a 5505 simply didn't because it was EOL, in fact I've seen posts in multiple places where people have said "Don't buy that, it's EOL" but of course we now know for sure it isn't :)

I have an ASA5505 running 9.2(2)4 and ASDM 7.2(2).....Upgrade the ASDM first then the ASA firmware. I'm administering it from an XP pc. This is why I chose ASDM version 7.2(2). I think you are supposed to update to 8.2 before going to 9.x. recall seeing something in the release notes about it.

What model of ASA 5505 is it? Could you possibly have two many devices behind it? Typically they are sold for 50, 100, and unlimited quantities of devices. If you open the ASDM. Then look at the "Device information" section and click the license tab. It will show you how many inside hosts you are allowed. Or do a "Show Version", take out the serial or any identifying info and post here.

Don't risk losing important network data and secure information when you can use a firewall. The Cisco ASA 5505 firewall can keep your vital information hidden. Find your next computer-center upgrade on eBay.

Yes, it is. The Cisco firewall has some differences that set it apart from computer firewall software although both have the function of blocking unauthorized computer access. The Cisco Asa 5505 configuration is tailored to providing support for virtual, private networks at a place of business. This typically is different than an individual home user who would normally just install a piece of software on his computer.

The Cisco Asa 5505 is one that could enhance security across your entire network without requiring that you also install firewall software on each computer. However, you could also have the advantage of both if you want. One reason for the physical firewall is the ease of manual control and switching when you have a busy work day. Even if you don't install any additional security software, you still have the Asa software that Cisco provides if you want to use enhanced firewall features.

When reading through the Cisco Asa 5505 specs, you will notice a variety of peer-to-peer options available for creating private workgroups. These are some main features you can take advantage of with the Cisco Asa 5505:

It can prevent users from entering an entire network as well as lock certain sections of a network only made available to a few team members. This provides a safeguard against insider information theft as well as financial embezzlement. A Cisco Asa 5505 series can also protect the identity of all workers within an organization.

In netflow analyzer configuration, I was able to see the asa 5505 using the snmp community. It shows me the traffics in all interfaces going in and out. However I can't click on inside interface to show me the network. When I do that, it tells me the netflow is not setup on this interface.

The 5505 introduced in 2010 was a desktop unit designed for small enterprises or branch offices. It included features to reduce the need for other equipment, such as an inbuilt switch, and power over Ethernet ports.[17]The 5585-X is a higher powered unit for datacenters introduced in 2010.[18] It runs in 32 bit mode on an Intel architecture Atom chip.[11]

This comprehensive lab is divided into nine parts. The parts should be completed sequentially. In Part 1, you will create a basic technical security policy. In Part 2, you will configure the basic device settings. In Part 3, you will secure a network router using the command-line interface (CLI) to configure IOS features, including AAA and SSH. In Part 4, you will configure a ZPF and IPS on an ISR. In Part 5, you will configure a network switch using the CLI. In Parts 7 and 8, you will configure the ASA firewall functionality and clientless SSL VPN remote access. In Part 9, you will configure a site-to-site VPN between the ASA and R3.Note: The router commands and output in this lab are from a Cisco 1941 router with Cisco IOS Release 15.4(3)M2 (with a Security Technology Package license). The switch commands and output are from Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L switches with Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2)SE4 (C2960-LANBASEK9-M image). Other routers, switches, and Cisco IOS versions can be used. See the Router Interface Summary Table at the end of the lab to determine which interface identifiers to use based on the equipment in the lab. Depending on the router, or switch model and Cisco IOS version, the commands available and the output produced might vary from what is shown in this lab.The ASA used with this lab is a Cisco model 5505 with an 8-port integrated switch, running OS version 9.2(3) and the Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) version 7.4(1) and comes with a Base license that allows a maximum of three VLANs.Note: Before beginning, ensure that the routers and switches have been erased and have no startup configurations.

e. Enable physical interface E0/1.ciscoasa(config-if)# interface e0/1ciscoasa(config-if)# no shutf. Preconfigure interface VLAN 2, name it outside, assign IP address, and the subnet mask Notice that the VLAN is automatically assigned a 0 as the security level.ciscoasa(config-if)# interface vlan 2ciscoasa(config-if)# nameif outsideINFO: Security level for "outside" set to 0 by default.ciscoasa(config-if)# ip address Assign VLAN 2 to the physical interface E0/0 and enable the interface.ciscoasa(config-if)# interface e0/0ciscoasa(config-if)# switchport access vlan 2ciscoasa(config-if)# no shuth. Configure VLAN 3, which is where the public access web server will reside. Assign it IP address, name it dmz, and assign it a security level of 70.Note: If you are working with the ASA 5505 base license, you will see the error message shown in the output below. The ASA 5505 Base license allows for the creation of up to three named VLAN interfaces. However, you must disable communication between the third interface and one of the other interfaces using the no forward command. This is not an issue if the ASA has a Security Plus license, which allows 20 named VLANs. 041b061a72

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