Light on Women

No More Monthly Madness

Learn to reduce aches, pains, irritability and anxiety during your 🌔  cycle and set up a healthy future Self. 


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No More Monthly Madness

The Menstrual Sequence. What every woman yogi (and  every male yoga teacher) should know.

Learn the reason why women practice differently during the menstrual cycle and how it improves your health now and for all stages of your life.

2 hour information packed workshop with two teachers, Jen Kagan and Rosa Santana. 

  • Modern Science- hormones
  • Ayurvedic View - doshas
  • Yoga Sadhana and Menstruation
  • What poses to do
  • What poses to avoid
  • What poses to do after do keep a healthy balance of hormones

What you will learn

  • Physiology of a Woman's Cycle
  • Current Research on Yoga and Women's Health
  • Tips from Yoga's Sister science, Ayurveda
  • Why it's important to adjust your practice - It's not just inversions.
  • How this practice helps with your health at other times during the month
  • How this practice relieves depression, irritability and anxiety.
  • How this practice supports you for other stages of your life. 
  • How to use props to relieve menstrual symptoms