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Wellness and Yoga Retreat
Sign Language Interpreters

San Miguel de Allende
June 26-30th

The ONLY YOGA RETREAT that focuses on the needs of sign language interpreters!  Dive into your own self-care, explore the magic of San Miguel during the most extraordinary time of the year, refresh your senses, and return home with a new lease on life.

This is a time to let go of responsibilities, "shoulds", taking care of others, guilt and constantly checking your phone to slow down and check in deeply with yourself.




This retreat offers you the ability to get away from the daily grind, learn new yoga techniques,  connect to your inner wisdom, free your body, relieve tension and stress, explore San Miguel de Allende and dip into the unique traditions of this magical country. 

Your day is full of taking care of others, responding to your phone, worrying, evaluating your abilities, and working in pain...this is a retreat for you to focus on YOU.  


Seize this moment, this will be the only time this retreat will be offered at Casa Ana at this time of the year. There are limited spaces for just 8 interpreters.


Wake up to the sounds of birdsong and church bells, enjoy a morning beverage followed by a yoga class then brunch next door.  Take the afternoon to explore San Miguel or relax at Casa Ana.  Another class in the afternoon will still leave you with plenty of time to explore the festival activities in the evening. Complete your day with a delicious dinner at one of San Miguel’s world-renowned restaurants.


Why is this retreat in English!!??

 2 years ago I started sharing what I know with my fellow interpreters.


When I began teaching yoga in ASL at the Iyengar Yoga Institute, I was the only teacher teaching in ASL. Now, there are so many Deaf yoga teachers!  And I assume Deaf students prefer to learn from a Deaf yoga teacher!



Years ago, I met a Deaf yoga student who is also a Deaf interpreter in class and we became yoga buddies. Now she working on becoming certified which is a very difficult process so my focus and intent is to help her succeed. So, in 2024  spring there is a retreat in planning that will be conducted in ASL by a Deaf teacher for Deaf interpreters. 

I have hosted three retreats in ASL and it's time to pass the baton! (despite the fact that I LOVE  teaching Deaf students) . The last retreat in Mexico was very challenging to fill but we had fun with a small group.

Retreats are not workshops or conventions. It's a  time to let go of responsibilities and "shoulds" deeply connect to yourself and make profound changes. You do meet new people and you do see new sights and you do have fun but the goal is to slow down and bravely go within. 

I've hosted many and have learned from past experiences what makes a successful experience for attendees as well as for myself. It requires careful curation of the attendees so a safe and brave space is created and knowing what I need to make it a great experience.   If there is anything that I really care about is doing something thoughtfully and with purpose. I'm using my years of experience (mistakes!) to make these retreats powerful. 



It doesn't stop there! I have plans.  I would like to host retreats with a variety of themes such as over 50 or under 5 years of working experience, a family retreat or interpreters from outside the US.. But I have to start small because I'm a new small business and need to know where there is interest.

Planning a retreat requires a huge investment of time and money and I decided to offer a retreat for the first time to hearing interpreters to learn yoga  and implement healthy habits (not learn yoga to interpret yoga).

Do you want to learn Yoga?  

I offer 1:1 programs which allows me to customize to your learning style and language preference. I offer classes in English, ASL or Spanish. Or I can refer you to a Deaf teacher or native Spanish speaker 

Known as the ‘Heart of Mexico’ due to both its geographical and its historical significance, San Miguel de Allende has been voted many times as the Best City to Live by Condé Nast magazine.


A UNESCO world heritage town,  it’s renown for its stunningly preserved colonial architecture and Neo-Gothic Parroquia, a gorgeous pink church in the center of town.


It’s full of rich history home to artists, amazing restaurants, and attracts people from all over the world. 




  • Recharge, revitalize, restore!

  •  Learn and do daily yoga on the retreat AND go home with a renewed motivation for your own daily routine. 

  • Learn easy do-able strategies to integrate into your daily routine that reduce stress and increase happiness.

  • Be part of a small community of like-minded interpreters on the path to cultivating a healthy body and mind and ways to ensure a sustainable career for years to come!


Depending on the group, classes will accommodate ALL LEVELS.  

You will be using your body in new, challenging and fun ways. 

I recommend preparing yourself for this retreat; let’s hop on a Zoom chat and I can help you!

During this time of year, there are festivals, parades, and altars to honor the memory of loved ones. Dia de los Muertos festivities include Calaca parades where folks dress up as Calacas as seen in the photo.


You can get your face painted and join the festivities.  Public events for tourists include cultural activities all over town and public displays of altars in the Jardin. 


It’s truly a magical and transformative time of year to be in Mexico, not to be missed.





Casa Ana is a historical home right in the center of town with beautiful views of La Parroquia and just blocks from the Jardin.


There are six beautiful rooms, a quaint yoga studio, and a cafe where you can enjoy brunch each day.  You will enjoy the charm of the Mexican architecture of Casa Ana with modern amenities.


You can relax beside the pool or in the garden, watch the sunset on one of the many terraces or the rooftop garden,  curl up with a book in the cozy common areas,  and take full advantage of the magic of San Miguel just outside the front door.



  • 4 nights at Casa Ana* 

  • Daily brunch 

  • Daily coffee, tea, beverages and snacks 

  • 2 yoga and movement classes per day

  • Uplifting, empowerment sessions for interpreters

  • An Individualized post-retreat plan 

  • Yoga gift bag

  • On-site concierge service

  • Daily cleaning service

  • CEUS

*Choose your room below, that price is your total retreat cost. 


  • Transportation to San Miguel de Allende (SMA)

  • Transportation  to and from the airport QRO or BJX  each about 1.5 hours from SMA (We recommend Bajio Go shared ($30)and private transport. Other options can be provided and/or arranged) 

  • Travel Insurance

  • Tourist activities

  • Lunch and Dinner  

This retreat is for you

You need time to get away and reconnect with yourself

You want to learn yoga and improve your current habits
You are a hearing interpreter of any sign language.  (why??  see above)
You want to heal, feel better and restore your nervous system
You want to be part of a space of transformation with like-minded interpreters
You want to learn about Mexican culture 

Choose your room at Casa Ana -  click on the photo or schedule a call


Ready to book? Click on the photo above.

Have questions? Schedule a call  with Jen

Payments plan available




Heather went from stressed out, exhausted, and overwhelmed to relaxed, clear, peaceful and grateful!

San Miguel has so much art, history, and charm!

Check out this page SMA Tourism. You can also visit the pyramid, Cañada de la Virgen, or visit the Botanical Gardens or enjoy the natural hot springs or arrange a visit to the only Deaf School in Guanajuato

You can schedule spa appointments in-house or enjoy local spas



Oct 30th.   Welcome and orientation 

Oct 31st    Morning/afternoon program

Nov 1st      Morning/ afternoon program

Nov 2nd    Morning/afternoon program

Nov 3rd     Morning program/Goodbyes

(flexibility in the program so that you get some good yoga time and get to partake in the festivities of Día de los Muertos)


Jen Kagan is a sign language interpreter for almost 30 years and has been teaching and practicing yoga for 25 years. Jen lives in San Miguel de Allende and can’t wait for you to experience the magic of the town. But most importantly she has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to recharge, reboot and integrate some new habits that make you feel better and improve your life in the most beautiful location as an auspicious time of the year. 




6 spots are available.

Schedule a call with Jen. 

Payments plan available


What language is the retreat?

English. This is the first yoga retreat for interpreters in English. If you are interested in jioning. afuture retreat in ASL send an email to be added to the list. 

What airport is closest to SMA

Leon, BJX or  QRO are both 1 hour away and there is a shuttle service form either airport. Mexico City is approx 3.5 hours depending on traffic. There are buses and shuttle service

Do I have to speak Spanish? 

No. It's nice to pick up a few words  as people will apreciate it but many people speak English in San MIguel de Allende

What kind of people will be on this retreat?

We will be a small group of interpreters who are focused on health, wellbeing and growth. This is the reason I meet each one of you before you register to make sure this is right for you. We will have time to connect, converse and make positive changes and this is why this is a retreat just for interpreters

Do I have to be a yoga expert?

No. All levels will be taken care of on this retreat. If you have never done yoga or studied with Jen, reach out to plan a pre-retreat plan so you will be ready and get the most out of the rereat.

What is the retreat schedule ?

You will have at least two session per day scheduled. As the day of the Dead event schedule comes out, we will  make adustments to make sure there is time to participate. Our start time on Oct. 30 will depend on the arrival time of attendess. 



Schedule a call with Jen to find out if this is right for you!


In the event that a registrant needs to cancel for any reason, no refund is possible. If, however, your spot is able to be filled by another participant, your total payment (minus $500 which is totally nonrefundable) can be transferred to another retreat, limited to one year from the date of canceled program.  In the event that Jennifer Kagan cancels the retreat, you will be refunded in total.


TRAVEL INSURANCE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: In the event of cancellation at any time, for any reason, and by any party, Jennifer Kagan WILL NOT be held responsible for the refund of airline tickets, ticket change fees or other travel expenses. For these reasons, we STRONGLY URGE that you purchase travel insurance to protect your investment.


COVID POLICY: In order to ensure the health and safety of everyone, we will follow these guidelines: Taking Covid tests 24 hours prior to travel as upon arriving, limiting physical interactions as much as possible 2 weeks prior to travel and wearing N95/KN95 masks around in that period as well as during travel.  Jennifer Kagan reserves the right for additional protocols in order to keep the group as safe.

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