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Stiff Neck, Tight Shoulders?
30 Days To  Relieve All That Interpreter Tension! 

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In 30 days you will relieve and prevent neck and shoulder tightness and learn how to keep it away 
Self-paced online course
4 lessons + 5 short follow-along classes


✔︎ Learn what you are doing that contributes to discomfort- and what to do instead.

✔︎ Understand and learn the 3 components of strength, flexibility, and relaxation to get you out of tension.

✔︎ Powerful instructive lessons to empower you with knowledge plus 5 follow-along short practices.

The #1 question interpreters ask is,
"How do I relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders."

This course is the answer.

Do your arms feel like noodles after work?
Does your neck feel constricted and tense?
Are you not sure if you should rest or stretch? 

This course is for you if: 


  • You are self-directed and will find the time.

  • You are looking for tools. 

  • You don't have pain, but you want to be proactive! (you're so smart!!) 

  • You suffer from pain and stress that comes and goes but you don't know why or how to stop it.  

  • You want a practice you can do before, during or after work

You're in the right place

Over the next 30 days, you'll discover the reasons for your shoulder and neck pain. You'll learn how to create strength and flexibility; increase your range of motion to stop tension from building up.  You'll get techniques to effectively relax your neck, shoulders, and nervous system. 

Each class will include postures and techniques to:

  • Soothe and Restore

  • Strengthen and Develop Resiliency

  • Increase Flexibility and Movement

Each class builds upon the previous class and each week includes a short practice to follow-along.

You get lifetime access to this to use over and over. 

The crazy $50 (more than 50% discount!) introductory price is available for a LIMITED time. 

Relieve or prevent the stiffness in your neck and tightness in your shoulders with a plan of action and a practice.

If you don't integrate daily healthy habits, stress, and pain snowball. Interventions will only help for a short while and then the pain comes back.

When you're in pain it's hard to be motivated to do something. What happens if you do nothing?

When you aren't in pain you think, ah, that's not gonna happen to me. But do you have a plan?

The good news? I have found a way to relieve that neck pain, keep the shoulders tension free. Even making small changes will create huge positive benefits. And it works for others! 
Each week, you receive a reminder email. Each class is a combination of strength, mobility, and rest.  This was filmed live therefore it feels like you are being seen and you get to hear questions from students. 


Hi I'm Jen

I understand you. I feel you. And I have a solution to help you!

I'm a Yoga Therapist/Instructor and sign language interpreter. I help interpreters relieve the pain and stress from interpreting and establish sustainable careers. 

I combine simple strategies to find time with a powerful method of yoga to empower interpreters to know when and what to do to ditch the tension and avoid burnout from interpreting.

Why me? Because I have been an interpreter for more than 25 years and teaching yoga and yoga therapy for more than 20 years. I know what interpreters need and how yoga can be helpful if practiced appropriately for interpreters

I have experienced every different setting interpreters work in and have had every ache, every pain, and felt all the stress!  I have tried it all and successfully integrated a daily practice that keeps me out of the cycle of pain without spending$$ tons on treatments. And, the best is that when I feel tense or stressed or tired I know exactly what to do for myself.  

I have helped interpreters recover from overwhelm, ease pain, exhaustion, and experience increased overall wellbeing. In JUST ONE MONTH, interpreters feel significantly less pain in their shoulders, are able to return to activities they love, are now looking forward to daily practice.

What is Included?

What's inside

4  1-hour long lessons

5 short follow-along videos

4 PDF downloads of each class



Support in a private group to help with accountability and motivation


Lifetime Access

Get Lifetime Access so you can learn and implement at your own pace

.5 GS CEUS! 

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If you are ready to learn a practice that will get you out of that back-and-forth cycle of pain then hit that button below


How do I earn CEUs?

Attend all sessions either live or in recording, submit your weekly reflection and post-course survey

What if I have an injury or limitations?

While the movement portion is accessible, by participating you are taking 100% responsibility for yourself. For chronic conditions or diagnoses, you must have permission from your doctor or Jen. 

You take 100% responsibility for yourself. 

What language is it in?

 will be presented in English. If you need the captioned version, please email me.  

What do I need?

Yoga mat, bricks or chair and a space on a wall  Yoga belt, pillow or blankets. As the weeks progress, you will be instructed on what else you need.   

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