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Stiff Neck, Tight Shoulders?
Free Masterclass to Relieve All That Interpreter Tension! 

Free Masterclass
to help interpreters relieve and prevent neck and shoulder tightness.​


✔︎ Understand why your neck is stiff and shoulders are always tight.

✔︎ Learn the 3 step process to soothe, restore and strengthen.

✔︎ Understand how to break through physical limitations and have more range of motion

Successful Girl

Free Masterclass Oct 20th CST 6-7pm CST

This is for you if you want to:

  • Prevent chronic tension and tightness.

  • Establish a routine to prevent neck and shoulder pain.

  • Make changes to how you work so you are in less pain.

  • Integrate daily practices from yoga and yoga therapy  for relief and prevention

  • Prioritize yourself and make the time.  

Are you ready to relieve your stiff neck and tight shoulders? 

In this Free Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Why you are experiencing such stiffness and tightness and what to do to change this.

  • How to get your shoulders away from your ears. 

  • How to relax your shoulders and neck.

  • How to make adjustments to your working position

  • Simple daily practices to relieve and prevent tension and stress. 


This Masterclass is designed for interpreters by an interpreter


Hi I'm Jen

I understand you. I feel you. And I have a solution to help you!

I'm a Yoga Therapist/Instructor and sign language interpreter. I help interpreters relieve the pain and stress from interpreting and establish sustainable careers. 

I combine simple strategies to find time with a powerful method of yoga to empower interpreters to know when and what to do to ditch the tension and avoid burnout from interpreting.

Why me? Because I have been an interpreter for more than 25 years and teaching yoga and yoga therapy for more than 20 years. I know what interpreters need and how yoga can be helpful if practiced appropriately for interpreters

I have experienced every different setting interpreters work in and have had every ache, every pain, and felt all the stress!  I have tried it all and successfully integrated a daily practice that keeps me out of the cycle of pain without spending$$ tons on treatments. And, the best is that when I feel tense or stressed or tired I know exactly what to do for myself.  

I have helped interpreters recover from overwhelm, ease pain, exhaustion, and experience increased overall wellbeing. In JUST ONE MONTH, interpreters feel significantly less pain in their shoulders, are able to return to activities they love, are now looking forward to daily practice.

What other interpreters are saying

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I started the program with really tight shoulders and pain and it is now significantly less!!

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