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Jen, I loved this class! I especially liked the use of the strap. My shoulders feel fabulous!!!! Thank you!...the entire setup helped strengthen my shoulders & open up my chest. I’m excited my shoulders feel great!



Gina, Sign Language Interpreter


Hi I'm Jen

As an interpreter for 30 years and a yoga instructor and health coach for 20 years, I'm sharing my experience and knowledge to help my interpreter community! 


Not taking care of yourself, chronic tension, vicarious trauma, imposter syndrome, and injuries all of this need to be of the past! 

I support interpreters to relieve pain and tension, feel better, reduce stress, and ensure a sustainable career. I offer personalized sessions, self-paced programs designed for interpreters, and holistic wellness consultations.

With my 30-minute sessions, we can discuss your goals and how to achieve them through a yoga practice and healthy habits tailored to your specific needs.

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