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New Student Intro Offer

 2 week Introductory Offer to try out Jen Kagan Yoga classes and courses!

Introductory Offer

2 weeks- 2 videos from Foundations + 2 live classes



Welcome. Bienvenue. Bienvenido.🤟


I'm so glad you are here.

You may have arrived here to get stronger, more flexible, heal, acquire more knowledge or be in a community. You may be here because of an injury from some other physical activity or yoga and you need help with your practice.


You share a desire to look deep within yourself and uncover the beautiful complexities of your body, mind, and magnificent heart to be a more aligned and integrated you.


  • love to learn. 

  • want guidance from a teacher.

  • you want a practice from home

If you are looking for a boutique level of attention and an in-depth learning experience, you are in the right place.  

Get to know Yoga with Jen

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The Method of Yoga

Iyengar yoga is a progressive, instructional method of teaching. Each class has a specific focus so that you intimately learn that action or part of your body. Over time, you tune each instrument of your body until they play harmoniously together in a magnificent orchestra.

Iyengar yoga is well-tested and proven methodology of teaching with deep roots in a long lineage of masters. 

The Classes

There are a variety of classes that accommodate all levels of students. You learn how to practice for your own body.  Unlike others, I can see students and give direct instruction and interaction. All classes are recorded. 

The Environment

Your home and Zoom. There is a little tech stuff to set up but once you get it ready, your home becomes your own private yoga studio. It's great to have some props but many home found or made items can be used.



I've been teaching for 20 years and practicing for longer. I'm committed to transmitting the brilliance of this lineage in an accessible, empowering and joyful manner. I'm also a certified Sign Language interpreter and hobbyist dog trainer. You will see my dog Shanti come in and out of my studio

Is it time to start this journey?

It's always easy to get started and here, you will get the support to keep going.

Introductory Offer

VIP access to 2 lessons in the Foundations course and 2 live classes


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Free complimentary call 

Let's hop a call, you tell me your goals and I can recommend the best plan for you.

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