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As a sign language interpreter

I bet you feel...

 stiff shoulders and neck 

  tender wrists

achy back

creaky hips

overall stressed and exhausted

Did I get that right?


Like an athlete, you need your body to do your work. But how much time do you spend recovering, restoring, and rebuilding after the stress of your work?


And tomorrow is another day.

The body eventually wears down. And then it starts to talk to you. Its language is sensation, pain, and discomfort. The tools of yoga can help. BUT not every yoga class understands the unique needs of a sign language interpreter. Taught correctly, and learned progressively, yoga can help you relieve current pain, avoid future discomfort and secure a long, healthy career.

The Foundations a 6-week one-of-a-kind, guided video course that takes you step by step through a dynamic program to help you understand your own body, relieve pain, build strength and release tension. 

Fitness Training

You know yoga could be good but...


  • You tried it before and your wrists and shoulders felt worse.

  • Videos were just so-so and didn't help. 

  • Have an injury and there is no way you can do that updog down dog thing


Sound about right?  

You are feeling the stress in your back, neck, or shoulder you want to start yoga but don't want to hurt yourself..... because you need your arms and hands to work!


But you are committed to having a healthy body and mind.

Did you know?

Now all yoga is the same and there is a way to practice that can help you feel stronger and more resilient and it doesn't have to take up a lot of time?  


I know what your body goes through.


You learn step-by-step in a systematic way with a teacher who is  who has years of training and years working as an interpreter


You learn how to adapt to your body, balance both your strength and flexibility, and remove the accumulated stress on your nervous system. All this empowers you with tools to feel better in your body and establish a long, sustainable career. 




Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 10.39.39 PM.png
Image by Priscilla Du Preez


✘ You've taken classes but got frustrated or bored. 

✘ You're feeling way more stressed than in the past.

✘ Other teachers don't understand your needs

✘ You have started doing some yoga but then fell off the wagon


✘ You want a high quality program to learn and practice at home with someone who knows you.


You want to feel less pain, feel stronger and more energetic to do your work and live your life



But maybe you  were frustrated with classes


Until I started attending Jen's yoga classes I never really understood what yoga was. All my life I have gone off and on to yoga classes only to leave frustrated and feeling "inadequate" and often times feeling blah. After attending Jen's Iyengar classes I now have a passion, appreciation and understanding of what yoga is and should be!

Marsha Ramsey

It's not you, it's the method of teaching

Following the leader

If you are in a class and you are just trying keep up, this is not learning. You might be able to keep up and if not, it's a struggle. When you learn step by step like you would a language, you build on your skills, gain confidence and get to know and embrace yourself as you are.

Most classes today are not appropriate for the strain interpreters have on their bodys.





It's definitely not you. First, it's important  to learn the foundational actions and build up progressively instead of just trying to keep up. Iyengar yoga teachers undergo years of rigorous training and continual assessments to become certified in this time-honoured method. This training prepares them to teach all poses to all students in an intellgent, individualized way.

Jen is an interpeter and has used the tools of yoga to help her out of pain and into freedom

Incomplete system

Iyengar yoga is a holistic practice that includes the whole meal of yoga. The student progressively learns it all: inversions, forward bend, backward bends, twists and restorative and pranayama in all -paces: active, dynamic, static and passive. When you stay, you learn how Iyengar yoga supports you through all phases of your life.

Can you relate? 
Not all yoga classes are the same

These days, it's pretty confusing out there - so any styles of yoga! And there are many that are not good for interpreters

I hear interpreters they can't do yoga because of their wrists and shoulders or they think they should just "bear" the pain.

Oh no! They just haven't had the opportunity to be taught properly by a teacher who understands them.

When you learn a traditional, intelligent step-by-step method that is complete and holistic you: 

✶ Soothe the nervous system (essential if you have repetitive strain.

✶Improve Alignment (which reduces pain)

✶ Increase Strength and flexibility
✶ Cultivate Balance

✶ Deactivate the cycles of stress (which helps avoid disease)

✶ Gain Peace of Mind

✶ Increase Awareness and Understand how your body works (which empowers you)

You learn YOUR body instead of trying to fit it into someone else's.   

This is a way to learn yoga step-by-step to feel better in your body and ensure a long, sustainable career.

It all begins with The Foundations.


Words from students  

Britt Best

Sign Langauge Interpreter ASL/BSL

I really enjoyed it, particularly the Revolved Triangle sequence. I feel like I had completely forgotten about that pose somehow, so it was really nice to have a focus on it. I also really like the little jumps between transitions that you incorporate--really great for bone density. And it was nice to get some good use out of my bolster throughout the program!


Jewelry Designer 

I got to know my body again and slow down the aging process​.

I’m never bored in class because the specific focus on the body takes you on a journey and there is just so much voyaging to do!!! The mind is fully connected with the body and the body is working and activated because of it. I have met few teachers with this talent and Jen has it.”


"Clear instruction, variety, skillful sequencing and high level skill."

Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 8.15.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 8.14.48 PM.png

"Jen mixes the magic of yoga and the science of yoga in an easy to understand practice."

"Every class has a different emphasis with some new approach or pose but familiar lead up"

What to Expect

01: The Shape of the pose​

  • Learn the essential action of the legs in standing poses

  • Strengthen your base

  • Tutorial on props

Week 04: Stability and Mobility

  • ​​​​Standing twists and balance.

  • Healthy actions for the back.

  • How to use movement to create freedom.

02: Extension and Expansion

  •  ​Increase awareness of alignment.

  • The principle actions of the legs and arms to extend the spine

  • How to use a wall for support

05: From the Known to the Unknown 

  •  Essential actions of backbends

  • Cultivate confidence and resilience

03: Spreading your  Awareness 

  • Refine the actions learned from the previous weeks

  • Seated pose and twists

06: Union - Integration of breath 

  • ​​​​Practice a graceful sequence of standing poses with attention on breath.​

  • Restorative practice

mockup for course.jpeg


1:1 Consulation with Jen

Value $100

Free ebook and Webinar "How to Create a Successful Home Practice"

Value $50

Everything in The Foundations

  • 6 30-40 minute Instructional videos $200

  • 7 15-20 minute practice videos $100

  • 3 Tutorial videos $25


  • Webinar and book "How to create a consistent practice at home" $50

  • Weekly email support $200

  • Done for you schedule $15


  • Done for you reflection practice worksheet $20

  • 1 Live stream classes $25


  • Guide- 6 poses to Relieve Back Pain -$ 40


Total: $700  $197 + 3 live classes (value $60)

.9 CEUs GE
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more words from students...



I am thoroughly enjoying Foundations After 25 years of practice,  I feel I need to keep my basic knowledge and practice active.  I feel we can never have too much of the Yoga foundation reminders and practice for our Yoga practice be it Iyengar or any Yoga practice.


Jen is an inspiration to me - she is a fabulous teacher with clarity of her instruction, and a skill in observing and correcting her students.  She finds creative ways to work different muscle groups, her sequencing is well thought out and she makes every challenge accessible and keeps you interested as you learn new skills.  Her yoga has saved  and strengthened my body and mind and reminded me how resilient the human body is.  

She has helped me be a better yoga teacher/student. I gain so much by following her!

Jodie Beck


Meet Jen


Hi! I can't wait to share this practice with you! I am passionate about helping my fellow interpreters use the tools of yoga to get out of pain and feel stronger and more resilient.

I know your bodies because I suffer the same strains and pains. I also know that you are so dedicated, you forget to think about yourself. 


I know how important this practice can be for your body, mind and heart and I want to share it with you!

I'm a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher CIYT Level 3 and a Certified Yoga Therapist. Years of training, not just hours. Also, I have studied Cranial Sacral, Somatic Movement as well as Vedic Counseling with Dr. Frawley and am currently enrolled in an Ayurvedic course


This is for you if :

✔︎ You are ready to make a commitment to yourself.

✔︎ You can practice 2-3 times a week for the next 8 weeks.

✔︎ You are an active, fit person and do not have any acute injuries or conditions.

✔︎ You are in a condition where you can pace yourself 


Yoga Pose

My Guarantee

If you have done all the videos, completed the reflection sheets for your practice, completed the workbook and posted in the community group and you have experienced absolutely no change I will refund you the course.

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