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Yoga for an Interpreter's Body

7-Day Challenge
15-minute daily dose

A daily dose of yoga to relieve tension and improve your posture.

 For sign language interpreters designed by a sign language interpreter.



It's happening Feb 12-19th 8:30am CST 

It's 2023 already! It's time to make big, radical changes to feel better in your mind and body!!

Are you in? 

Have you just been waiting for the right guidance and support to start practicing yoga? 

Are you a new interpreter who wants to avoid what you see your colleagues suffering from and get started off on the right foot? (you are smart!)

Have you been beating yourself up because you started but then stopped? (and want to be more compassionate to yourself?)

Are you tired of feeling sore and tense or hearing yourself say '"I have terrible posture!'"

I've created something special for you!

Over the 7 days, you will learn and practice daily for 15 minutes with live guidance from me!  You will learn what to do, how to do it, and be in the company of like-minded interpreters all with the same intention to implement a yoga practice and feel better.

You will

  • Get relief from that shoulder, neck, and back tension!

  • Learn how to adapt for your body.

  • Feel the amazing benefits that come from continuous practice.

  • Implement a daily practice  


Throughout the 7 days, you will learn how to get past the obstacles, and how to change to a supportive mindset and I will also share the wisdom from yoga to empower you with tools to make big changes in your body and mind!

Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle

Yoga challenge just for Interpreters

Warrior Two

Yoga for an Interpreter's Body 7-day challenge 

  • Created by an interpreter for an interpreter (you won't have to "adjust" for your interpreter needs) 

  • Live on zoom so you get direct personal guidance (unlike following an anonymous video that doesn't understand you)

  • A community of like-minded interpreters supporting one another (toward a positive common goal). 

  • Coaching sessions where you can ask questions and get individual support (totally and utterly unique for a yoga challenge)​

  • It is free


Every day you will practice a 15-minute sequence. In addition, each day will have a different thematic focus. Everything will take place on zoom  Recordings will be available for a very limited time.


Day 1 - Learn the practice

Day 2 - Adjustments for back, knees, and shoulders. 

Day 3 - Active practice

Day 4 - Mindset tips to manage obstacles.  

Day 5 - Strengthening practice

Day 6 - Flexibility practice and coaching  

Day 7 - Restorative practice and coaching


*Prizes for the most engagement and participation - 50% off Ditch the Stress and Pain of Interpreting

The only way not to have or prevent pain and stress from interpreting is to have a regular practice of movement and daily healthy habits. 

If you don't integrate daily healthy habits, the stress and pain snowballs and interventions only help for a short while and then the pain comes back. (it's just the truth that has to be said) 

Are you asking...."How? What? I don't have 2 hours a day for yoga!" 

The good news? I have a method that within a short period of time you feel the profound benefits (and relief). And it works for others!

And the best news?

I'm giving it all away for free in the Yoga for the Interpreter's Body 7- day challenge. 


Hi I'm Jen

I understand you. I feel you. And I have a solution to help you!

I'm a Yoga Therapist/Instructor and sign language interpreter. I help interpreters relieve the pain and stress from interpreting and establish sustainable careers. 

I combine simple strategies to find time with a powerful method of yoga to empower interpreters to know when and what to do to ditch the tension and avoid burnout from interpreting.

Why me? Because I have been an interpreter for more than 25 years and teaching yoga and yoga therapy for more than 20 years. I know what interpreters need and how yoga can be helpful if practiced appropriately.

I have experienced every different setting interpreters work in and have had every ache, every pain, and felt all the stress!  I have tried it all and successfully integrated a daily practice that keeps me out of the cycle of pain without spending $$ tons on treatments. And, the best is that when I feel tense or stressed or tired I know exactly what to do for myself.

I've been interpreting for close to 30 years and teaching yoga for almost 25 years. (this is not my side hobby!)  This is my life's passion and purpose. I want to make it easy for all interpreters to implement yoga into their lives...and have less pain.


I have helped interpreters recover from overwhelm, ease pain, exhaustion, and experience increased overall well-being. In just one month, interpreters feel significantly less pain in their shoulders, are able to return to activities they love, and are now looking forward to daily practice.

Certifications: CIYT, C-IAYT, CI, CT

Education: Integral Vedic Counselor, Ayurveda Therapist Level 1, RIMYI Institute Pune, India, New York Institute of Iyengar Yoga

What terps are saying

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Where are the sessions? What if I can't make it every day?

All sessions will be in a private zoom room and the recording will be automatically sent to you and is available for 48 hours. You will be able to access the recordings for a limited time after the challenge. I will only spotlight myself and/or my assistant

What if I have an injury or limitations?

While the movement portion is accessible, by participating you are taking 100% responsibility for yourself. Ask you doctor for permission, ask Jen before attending.

What language is it in?

 It will be presented in English.  Participants are joining us from all over the world. Zoom captions can be activated. If you are Deaf and want to participate, reach out to me BEFORE the challenge

What do I need?

Pen, paper, time for the sessions, chair, wall, or desk. A yoga mat, pillow, and yoga belt/strap are helpful. You can use many things easily found in the home I will show many different ways to do the poses, so please be ready to watch/observe and try different approaches to feel which is best for you. (remember, you can always ask!) Most of all the willingness to show up for yourself

Yoga Class Participants

Ready to sign up??!!

 Wait....! I have something special for you.

Get unlimited access to the videos so you don't miss out and you can continue to practice even after the challenge is over!

 unlimited access to the entire library for only $15

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