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Balancing Rocks

2023 is the Year for Balance and Equanimity

We are halfway through 2023, it's time to get back to balance  


A weekend workshop of reflection, yoga, antransformation with Carly Flagg and Jen Kagan 

Saturday, June 10: 10-3 (PST) AND Sunday, June 11: 11-3 (PST) On Zoom 

Happy Couple

What would it feel like to…

  • Have plenty of energy to everything you need and want to do.

  • Have work life balance

  • Feel better in your body!

  • Have more flow to life

  • Feel healthy, vibrant and energized

  • Fully  accept yourself

Can you relate to

  • Getting done with your interpreting shift and feeling stressed and in pain?  

  • Waking up each morning feeling tired and having to just keep your head above water. 

  • Struggling to find the motivation to do things you know are good for you and want to do. 

  • Feeling overwhelmed with everything that has to be done and not having time for yourself. 

  • The strain on your relationships including the one with yourself.? 

Many Interpreters are taking care of others and have busy schedules which makes it hard to get off the hamster wheel to evaluate what is working, and what is not working and make changes. 

You feel out of balance. It doesn’t have to be this way.  There are solutions to feeling balanced, healthy, and having more energy. 

To make changes in our lives, we need to slow down, make the time, listen, and be heard, and not just learn a new tip or skill but practice it and make it our own. 


✔︎ Through self-reflection, small-group discussioons, yoga asana, rest and relaxation in a safe and supportive community you will reduce your stress and increase your peace. 

✔︎ You will Learn how to set clear boundaries to know what you need, communicate it and make it happen. 

✔︎You will cultivate a greater sense of self-compassion through guided exercises of inner exploration, awareness and mindfulness. 

✔︎ You will transform negative self-talk to a helpful and motivating inner voice. 

✔︎ Using the  body as a portal for exploration  and the yoga mat as a lab you will translate the mindful work and practice it in the body through specifically sequenced asanas 

This workshop is interactive and will give you practical tools to continue to use to achieve your personal goals of balance and equanimity.

Jen and Carly

Jen’s mission is to help interpreters get out of and prevent pain and tension from interpreters and establish a sustainable career. She has been interpreting for close to 30 years in San Francisco, New York City and VRI for the past 10 years.  She has been practicing yoga for more than 25 years. Jen runs the Academy of Yoga for Sign Language Interpreters and the Facebook group, Yoga for Sign Language Interpreters.  She is a level 3 certified Iyengar yoga Teacher (CIYT) Yoga therapist (C-IAYT) having 1000’s of hours of study and regular trips to India. Level 1 Ayurveda Therapist Ayurveda Therapist Level 1 from Ayushkama Ayurveda Institute, Vedic Counseling with Dr. Frawley, and cranial sacral therapy. Currently, Jen lives in central Mexico with her dog Shanti Luz and run

Carly Flagg (she/her) served as an interpreter educator for 23 years, working at four ITPs including Pima Community College and Columbia College Chicago. She graduated from Gallaudet with a MA in Interpretation and holds CI/CT from RID. Carly has also completed graduate work in Counseling at Northern Illinois University and is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator and Certified Professional Integration Coach. Carly also holds ACC certification through the International Coaching Federation. Carly serves as an endorsed PSCPI (Peer Support and Consultation Project for Interpreters) facilitator and is beginning the process to train as a Certified Nonviolent Communication educator. Carly has recently completed training in breathwork for relaxation and somatic release. She continues to interpret in post-secondary educational settings, VRS, and mental health settings while offering to coach for interpreters and other service professionals. Living in Tucson with her husband and daughter, Carly calls herself a “serial hobbyist,” and loves sampling new creative and adventure activities.

Standing with Arms Stretching out to Sky



Through theory,  self-reflection, discussion and physical practice you will have the tools navigate  your life towards balance and equanaimity. 

Ellen Catapano

 Carly holds space for me; allowing me to identify my feelings, beliefs, and perceptions about any aspect of my life.  Through exploration, conversation, and reflection Carly does an astounding job at helping me find flow where I otherwise have been experiencing break down. I feel uplifted, empowered, and respected as we meet- unearthing whatever is unsettled in that moment-

Rachel Cropper

When I decided to call upon Carly’s services, I had no idea the positive impact she would have on me. Because of Carly’s gentle influence I have had a paradigm shift in the direction of kindness towards myself. My goals are now more clear and more attainable than ever before. Carly is a beautiful person and she spreads that beauty onto whoever and whatever she touches. My heart is full thinking of the lives she will touch and the good that it will do—especially in a world full of individuals that need all the positivity we can muster.

Rebecca Rick

What I love about Jen’s classes is the micro instruction; that even standing seems to be a workout because she is reminding us to mindfully hold our entire body in the present moment. --

Gina Wilkinson

I just wanted to say thank you again because I feel so much more aware of my posture these days and I’m catching myself when my shoulders are scrunched up and I’m tring to be very cognizant…It feel better than before. I’m so grateful. -

Jennifer Mantle

I wanted to share that I’m walking my dog and I’m aware my chest feels completely different! It feels like my shoulders live on my back instead fo just above my chest and it feels like my lungs are bigger than they were before! Really remarkable.

Amy Drewek

Carly's kind, intuitive, and supportive nature has allowed our sessions to not only be productive, but also personally enlightening. Carly is an absolute gift and I highly recommend her services.

Daily Schedule


10:00   Orientation, Introduction

10:15-11:25: Identifying Imbalance and values thatlead to balance

11:15-12:15  Yoga session : Discovering balance in strength (or something that is related to your topic, If you do like the wheel of life…I can do balance of strength in all aspects of your body. 

12-12:30 break

12:30-1:30: Envisioning your balanced life and overcoming obstacles

1:30-2:30- Yoga session: Standing on one foot creating physical balance to cultivate mental focus and resilience

2:30-3- Closing

 Is this you?  

You look forward to a time to reflect, observe and transform

You can  clear your schedule for the dates and time

You can be present for yourself and others.

You can get up and down from the floor. 

You enjoy moving your body want more balance and equanimity in your life and body

We would love to have you!


Register in March: $200

Register in April: $250

Register in May: $300

Register in June: $400

CEU 1.0 GS

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Schedule a call with Jen or Carly

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