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Global Yoga Therapy Day

August 13-15th. Amazing presenters. I'm presenting Grief to Growth August 15th 7-8pm EST

Your Yoga Your Life

Innovative, interactive online course immersive program to dive deep into your personal practice with live instruction and support.

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Sayulita, Mexico Sept 3-6, 2021

6 postures to relieve back pain and improve your posture.

No More Monthly Madness

The Menstrual Sequence. What every woman yogi (and  every male yoga teacher) should know.

Learn the reason why women practice differently during the menstrual cycle and how it improves your health now and for all stages of your life.

2 hour information packed workshop with two teachers, Jen Kagan and Rosa Santana. 

  • Modern Science- hormones
  • Ayurvedic View - doshas
  • Yoga Sadhana and Menstruation
  • What poses to do
  • What poses to avoid
  • What poses to do after do keep a healthy balance of hormones


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Yoga For Uncertain Times

Take this course hosted by Udemy to uplift your spirits, restore your nervous system and boost your immune system. Learn how your practice can support you through this time of uncertainty.



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