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Jen Kagan


Signature programs and courses designed jut for interpreters


Personalized instruction and mentorship, live or on zoom



Current Iyengar students, small group classes, and full on-demand library.

Create a consistent yoga practice at home

Everything you need is here whether you are a beginner looking to start a yoga practice, an intermediate practitioner looking for online yoga classes, a teacher in training seeking compassionate mentorship or an experienced practitioner wanting to elevate your practice. 



Whether you are here to heal, learn or elevate, you are someone who shares a desire to look deep within yourself and uncover the beautiful complexities of your body,mind and heart and be aligned in all aspects of your life, I welcome you here.

  • You love to learn and explore every corner of your body and mind.

  • You want a customized practice.

  • You seek a teacher who can see you and guide you.

  • You see tumbles in life or on your mat as places for growth.


I want my students to gain strength and flexibility and a deeper understanding of themselves.  


“Body is the Bow, Asana is the Arrow and the Soul is the Target.” BKS Iyengar

What are classes like?

Benefits of  a virtual studio

  • You don't have to travel anywhere

  • Convenient to your schedule.

  • Experience massive improvement in your practice.

  • A skilled Iyengar yoga teacher guiding you, live.

  • On-demand library at your fingertips


Because or extensive and rigorous training of thousands of hours to see, adjust and teach students, online classes are unlike any other. I see students and give direct feedback. I plan classes specifically for my students. I teach in stages so all levels are addressed and each class builds on the previous class steadily increasing your skills and ability. I teach every category of pose in a variety of fun, thoughtful and dynamic ways. Even if you are watching recordings, I integrate teaching points with you in mind.

If you are new to yoga, Iyengar yoga, or me, I recommend The Foundations as a starting point.

Private Sessions

Private lessons are sometimes are more appropriate. Email me to discuss or take advantage of the new student private package.

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