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Jen Kagan,CIYT

Personalized Virtual Yoga Studio in the Iyengar Tradition



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Your Yoga Your Life

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2020 was quite a year. From my back to yours!  6 postures to help relieve back pain and improve your posture. Enjoy!

welcome to my virtual studio

We have all gone virtual. And it seems like it's here to stay. I hope that we will soon be meeting on live retreats in Mexico and tours of India but until then....

I created a unique online school that caters to the students' needs.

There are some real benefits to yoga online. Personally, I roll out of bed to take early morning classes streamed from India. And, I've seen students learn so much. The increased independence has skyrocketed their practice. They have learned to overcome obstacles to use this format to their benefit.

It is my true desire that the students in front of me in their little zoom boxes gain strength and flexibility, but even more importantly, a deeper understanding of themselves. I'm dedicated to the Iyengar lineage and passionate about transmitting knowledge with love and joy in a progressive and dynamic way.

Sthira Sukhnam Asanam

Whether you are here to heal an injury, learn  technique or elevate your practice, as someone who shares a desire to look deep within yourself and uncover the beautiful complexities of your body, mind and magnificent heart and to be aligned in all aspects of your life --welcome to your online home

“Body is the Bow, Asana is the Arrow and the Soul is the Target.” BKS Iyengar

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what are classes like?

Classes always have a mixture of student levels and I teach in stages so no matter your level you will be catered to. I help you use what's in your home as support when needed. Each class is different based on what I see and what students need to learn.

If you are live, I can see you and provide immediate feedback and create sequences for you. Even if you are watching recordings, I integrate teaching points with you in mind.

Benefits of practicing at home

  • You don't have to travel anywhere
  • Convenient to your schedule.
  • Create your own space bring all that good yoga energy into your home
  • Massive improvement in your practice.
  • No matter where you are, you can practice yoga with me!

Because all this can be quite new,  I highly recommend new students start in The Foundations first.

Private lessons are sometimes are more appropriate. Email me to discuss or take advantage of  the new student private package 

Waitlist for The Foundations